Blogger buddies


Blogger buddies alias temen2 blogger, sebagian besar sudah pernah kopdar seperti foto2 genit di atas :

  1. About Ivy and her rants by Ivy Lim
  2. Amalia on Earth
  3. Andra the grumbler
  4. Andreas Harsono
  5. Bakawan web developer
  6. Chez Lorraine
  7. Cisayong’s Girls by Ecky Puspasari
  8. Elyani’s Place by Elyani Gunadi
  9. Finally Woken by Anita Carmencita
  10. Indonesia Eats by Peppy in Canada … yummmy
  11. It’s my life by Devi Girsang
  12. My sweet slumber by Wiwin Lee
  13. My busy brain by Parvita
  14. Life in Mono in Denmark
  15. Restless Mind  by Juanita Senduk
  16. Rima Fauzi
  17. Rum Raisin Girl by  by Jennifer Tjahja
  18. Secondary Earner by Katadia
  19. Small talk, big news by  Boy
  20. Therry Says

Other inspiring bloggers :

  1. Daus oh Daus
  2. Ika’s whisper and shout by Ika Rahutami
  3. Indonesia Matters
  4. Muhammad Ali in Riverside California
  5. Rab Experience by Rob Baiton
  6. Unpublished Dreams by Rudi SIrait, Ph.D.
  7. 1000 faces 1 complex mind by Andy Laver Sirait

will update further 🙂

4 Responses to “Blogger buddies”

  1. Miss Zane Says:

    Proteeees.. my name is Jennifer Tjahja..
    pake JJJJJJJJJJJJ hehe ^^

  2. Miss Zane Says:

    Ohh trus trus title nya”Rum Raisin Girl”
    aaha maap banyak permintaan 😀

    Ssssst, tuh dah dibenerin Rum Raisin Girl … 🙂

  3. Lorraine Says:

    Mau nanti kita kopdar difoto genit….

    Tentu Yen … ditunggu kabarnya kalau sudah ada di Indonesia 🙂

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