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Thanks Lorraine & Therry untuk award yang di post di blog mereka dan saya harus menuliskan posting yang sama, what make me awesome. Ini posting singkat yang memerlukan waktu cukup lama, seperti kata Lorraine tanpa niatan untuk bragging & boasting.

So, I’m awesome karena :

  1. My daughter adores my baking for her breakfast. β€œUnlike anything in the store,” she said. She proudly tell her friends and teacher that her breakfast made by her father with a lot of love.
  2. Friends always love their pictures that I take. They say that the pictures make them dare to dream becoming a model πŸ™‚
  3. People who watch my food pictures suddenly feel the urge to eat them. They can smell it and feel the melt of the cheese in their mouth.
  4. I know what it takes to make a soul-filling cup of coffee.Β  A perfect mix of coffee, sugar, milk and a pinch of love.
  5. My father is proud of me for setting a role model for my younger siblings on high education accomplishment.
  6. I know that my late mother is smiling to see me from up there: her eldest son has grown to be a compassionate person.
  7. I have a wide shoulder for friends to cry on.

Rule of the gamenya harus men tag untuk tujuah orang, tapi I’d like to share this with all of my blog reader and dear friends of mine.

My best to you all πŸ™‚Β 


8 Responses to “I'm …”

  1. therry Says:

    Setubuh! I want to be made breakfast by Mr. Toni Wahid as well! Can I be your daughter for a day too? I’d like to have doughnuts, kue gemblong.. um, um..what else… um… pancake, um… gyaaa so many things!

    Bener nih, nanti berat badan terus melonjak gara2 sarapan di tempatku πŸ™‚

  2. Elyani Says:

    Bicara soal ke-awesome-an Kang Toni kayaknya lebih dari tujuh, kalau boleh nambahin :

    -Toni is awesome because his photography not only inspiring, he also takes us to places and shows us things we need to see (eg. Abah Gendu foundation). I enjoy his photographs very much.”

    -Toni is incredibly modest, not judgmental, he has a good taste esp. untuk gadget2nya yg sering bikin iri (Mac, coffee machine etc), he is nice most of the time… and he’s really funny too.

    Ton kangen ngobrol nih…kapan bisa kopdar lagi ya? kangen makan empek2 sama mie tumisnya Sari Sanjaya. Ngebayangin aja udah ngences…bikin sendiri rasanya gak bakal sama 😦

    El my dear best friend … thanks so much ya. Jadi inget kalau kita ngobrol ngalor ngidul waktu masih di Indonesia. You are awesome too El, pinter baking, fotografinya dah keren … bangga banget kalau lihat hasil2nya di Flickr.
    Nanti mau ke Sanjaya, supaya agak nyiksa aku email foto2nya ya πŸ˜€

  3. Sandy Wijaya Says:

    you deserved for such great award!! well done and congrats, mr. toni!!

    Hi Sandy, you too someday will become an awesome husband for your loving wife.

  4. Lorraine Says:

    Aaahhhh, a loving and proud father, a good barista & impeccable photographer. You are awesome mas!

    Trying to be a good father Yen untuk si genit itu. Thanks again for an inspiring and loving mother too πŸ™‚

  5. treestyara Says:

    Saya tambah daftarnya ya, Toni tidak sombong..bisa berteman dengan siapapun…

  6. Desain grafis and advertising Says:

    RAMAH DAN SOPAN….hehehe…..

  7. Dony Alfan Says:

    Benar2 kepribadian yang sempurna, saya harus belajar menjalani hidup dari mas Toni, dan tentu saja belajar fotografi πŸ˜†

    Thanks Mas πŸ™‚

  8. Anonymous Says:

    thanx for all your post sir. its inspiring far away from your place, i am in makassar…

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