The Most Exotic Beach : Maldives


If someone ask me what is your most exotic travel destination, I would say it was Maldives in Sout West of Sri Lanka. I found this small country really amaze me with their breathtaking atolls and beaches. What surprise me most, I met a souvenir vendor from Sulawesi Indonesia in Malee the capital of Maldives. I went to to this small country not for holiday purpose as usual, it was an ordinary business trip assigned by my office to visit a garment factory there. I wrote an email to Department of Tourism in Maldives about visa requirement for Indonesian who travel for social visit purpose. They replied at the same day (wondering when our government can provide one day service) saying that all visitor will be granted visa upon arrival.

Our corporate carrier Singapore Airlines flew at 09.00 PM and took more than 3 hours to arrive in Malee International Airport after midnight. Maldives is two hours behind Jakarta time. Taxi drove me to the hotel near the beach and I paid him by local currency. “Rufiyah” is the name of local currency, similar with “rupiah” in Indonesia, what a coincidence. Majority of Maldivians are Moslem, and Ibn Batutah an Arab traveller described how Maldivians covert to Islam after their Princes still reciting Koran and defeat the sea demons when she was ready to sacrifice for offering.

Maldive is purely for traveller who like sand and sun, hideaway place from urban life. Prominent hotels are expensive and charge with US$ rate, but you still can find a modest bungalow with reasonable price around 75 US$/night. Foods are affected by Indians culinary with many spices and curry.

Not many story I can tell, but surely is a must visit destination before you died.

If you’re interested to come here the link from Visit Maldives for further information about this country.

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  1. claudia hodari Says:

    WoW !
    Your right the MOST Exotic. I thought the 2km National Park Beach in town of Puerto Villamil on Isabela island, in the Galapagoa Archipelego, including its endemic wildlife and fauna, was the MOST Exotic before I saw this image. Beautiful and I will make it a point to take your advice: to visit Maldive this time around. Thanks !
    Claudia Hodari

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