They Work Very Hard With Little Appreciation : A Photo Essay


I have visited garment factories for many times and here some of the pictures I took and would like to share with you to have a sense how hard working constantly for the whole day as millions of man and woman who work there.


Labor in Indonesia particularly in garment sector are very skilled compare to other South East Asian countries like Cambodia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Indonesia is still a best kept secret garment sourcing in the world amidst of unfavorable climate investment in this country. Many times, they contribution is not properly rewarded by the government and left marginally.


Let’s take a look our Labor Laws on outsourcing, multiple contract extension, Social Security, and I can go on and on with a long list to name how labor position is weaken during the past few years for the sake of boosting foreign direct investment. Yes, it was a Labor Market Flexibility policy mandated by IMF when economic crisis hit Indonesia and they come as an angel of finance “helping” to reshape this sick country.


What about the high cost economy due to under table money, poor infrastructure, taxation, customs, and many promises made by this government in every election to improve the life of million of Indonesian Labor? I think I don’t have to answer that all of the questions, you know better than me. It’s just my grumble and I still have no idea how long our labor will still survive. They will. They work harder than people imagined (14/01/08)




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2 Responses to “They Work Very Hard With Little Appreciation : A Photo Essay”

  1. amran Says:

    Pak Toni, great essay! another thing, we have to buiild a good garment school industry in Indonesia.

  2. ton6312 Says:

    Thank you Amran you offer one of the solution to help millions of labor in Indonesia.

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