To The Government of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Update)



Dear Sir,

One more our migrant worker must end her life tragically in your “justice” system by the executor, Yanti Sukardi. I do not know how the reaction of her family and close friends due to this sad news, as they have not been notified to a proper diplomatic channel between two countries.

Sir, hundred of thousand migrant workers from Indonesia struggling to make a better life in your country. Many times their employer treated them inhumanely, degrading their dignity as a human being, raped, tortured and many of them lost their insanity due to those treatments. If it is not a modern slavery, I don’t know how to coin the correct term.

In this blog, allow me to appeal to the government of Saudi Arabia to respect and abide the Vienna Convention of 1963 that foreign prisoners must be granted the rights :

  1. To access his/her Consulates or Embassy
  2. Access to his/her lawyers and translator
  3. Access to his/her family abroad

I firmly believe that Yanti Sukardi has not been given such rights and your government has not notified her family as well prior to execution. I am not questioning your judicial system which is based on Sharia, however as a “convicted murder”, she also has the right to voice her defense, and yet we haven’t heard any since the beginning of her trial, let alone from your Embassy here in Jakarta.

I also would like to make a humble appeal to end the Capital Punishment system in Saudi Arabia because :

  1. Death penalty is the greatest denial of civil liberties
  2. Constitutes ultimate cruel, inhumane, and degrading punishment
  3. It is not a deterrent to a crime
  4. Risks killing innocent people

I speak out through my blog because I have a dream that one day the world will abolish this barbaric punishment.

Thank you,

Jakarta, January 13th, 2008

Update : According to my phone conversation this morning with Advocation Division of Migrant Care, Mr. Harsono, who denied the news that Indonesia Embassy in Saudi Arabia has been involved with the case since the first trial. Migrant Care now is tracking the address of Yanti and will stage a rally in front of Saudi Arabia Embassy in Jakarta tomorrow as a protest of the execution.


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2 Responses to “To The Government of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Update)”

  1. Neel Smith Says:

    I believe that Yanti was framed. Of course it cannot be proved. If she did kill her employer, I believe it was for completely different reasons to those cited. I believe she was, like many maids, a victim of abuse, either physical, mental or financial. A slave. I believe she was pushed over the edge and in the event killed her Saudi employer. One wonders if the employer was indeed suffocated.

    I believe the theft of jewelry charge to be trumped up and if she confessed to it, it was under extreme duress. Think of it, she would have no passport (her employer would keep it) so where could she escape to ? What sense would there be in stealing jewelry ? Was she going to wear it ? Of course not ! Did she know a friendly Saudi “fence”, a criminal middle-man who would take the jewlery from her and give her cash for it ? Of course not ! So why kill the employer to take it ?

    It makes no sense to steal the woman’s jewelry. I believe the police used robbery as a false motive to cover up the truth.

    I will never ever set foot in that terrible country !

    Aku cinta Indonesia

  2. ton6312 Says:

    It’s a very good point of view Neil, and I certainly thinking the same way. The logic of the case was so weak and let’s think a female maid who was alone in foreign country, convicted as a murder, without proper presentation from the lawyers, and finally executed without any chance to say something to her family. Is there any way of ending life worst that her?

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