I Love This Devil : Vietnam Coffee


What is your recipe for coffee? Mine is like French statesman I quoted in the picture above and Vietnam coffee I tasted during my recent trip was also black as the devil. My trip to Vietnam brought a small token from my colleague who know me as coffee addict. She gave a me coffee filter which Vietnamese are using for brewing their daily caffeine, the technique is known as ca phe sua da in local language or coffee milk ice. It doesn’t cost much, we can buy in house appliances stores there about US$2. I’m not sure where you’ll be able to find it in Jakarta, any idea?

The first time I had Vietnam coffee was quite long time ago in a restaurant located in Tebet area, next to Starbuck. The restaurant that offer Vietnam cuisine is no longer there, but I still remember how strong the coffee was. Nowadays, there are many choices of brewing coffee, automatic, french press, manual, espresso machine, stove pot, americano, espresso, macchiato, mocha, latte, you name it? and coffee filter is one of them.


Coffee filter make the liquid drop slowly into the glass and leaving the ground in filter’s container resulting a clean look and yet you can still feel the boldness of it. It’s quite simple method compare to espresso machine and great way to enjoy coffee in the street of Ho Chi Minh with friendly people there. Drinking coffee on the side walks caffee using the small table and seats is an ordinary view in Vietnam. I think they still treasure their coffee culture apart from modern coffee shops that threaten their local custom rooted from French colonial.

OK, let’s try our tools as I’d like to share the technique of making Vietnam coffee to you. You may add ice or milk as Vietnamese do for their coffee, but I like it hot, very hot.


First step : This is the tool (no, not picture no.2) for making coffee I explained before, a container with a filter. Use coarse coffee like espresso ground, as such it will not drip to the glass and of course you will need boiled water.


Well, I think the pictures tell enough, get the coffee about 1 table spoon (1 shot), pour into the filter, and put on the glass. Ready to roll ?


Our black gold is now dripping slowly … and yes we will have nirvana sensation (mmm that’s only me exaggerating, you know I’m a coffee addict). Our hot devil is now ready to enjoy, taste slowly in you mouth, feel it on your tongue, and the devil has become an angel. Am I crazy or what ?

Happy drinking from me.

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Additional links if you would like to know about Vietnam coffee industry and the similar preparation : INeed Cofee.com and Cha pe suda da.

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11 Responses to “I Love This Devil : Vietnam Coffee”

  1. Jeff Says:

    pernah nyoba untuk mendaur ulang bubuknya gak mas ?
    kalau tubruk kan gak enak di daur ulang karena ampasnya udah kecampur gula… apakah kopi vietnam ini masih ok kalau di daur ulang seperti layaknya teh ?
    salam kenal…

    Hi Jeff salam kenal juga. Belum pernah sih, tapi boleh juga untuk dicoba πŸ™‚

  2. agus Says:

    Mas Toni,
    kalo mau beli vietnam drip di jakarta dimana y? susah bgt nyarinya

  3. Jeff Says:

    Mas Agus bisa coba cari di Toko Tiga Glodok.. di Toko “Tien Long” di deket bioskop Chandra… ini toko yg khusus jualan alat2 memasak mulai dari kaki lima sampai resto… lumayan lengkap alat2nya…

    Thanks Jeff πŸ™‚

  4. Suhelly Tan Says:

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    Thx all

    Suhelly Tan

    Thanks infonya buat pembaca blog ini πŸ™‚

  5. Suhelly Tan Says:

    Oh iya – kelupaan
    Bagi re seller saya kasi special Price yah
    Karena beli in quantity.

    Lumayan lah utk bisnis2 tambahan πŸ™‚

    Thx once again


  6. Natalia Says:

    Jadi vietnam coffee bisa pake kopi giling jenis apa aja. Its not the beans from Vietnam, but the way of brewing is it?

    Tepat, itu style orang Vietnam membuat kopi, jadi kopinya bisa apa saja πŸ™‚


    Dear Coffee Lover,
    Saya sudah beli Vietnam Drip di MAHARAJA COFFEE, Jl.Pangeran Jayakarta 135 B-10, atau bisa intip di situs web: http://www.maharajacoffee.com. Harganya reasonable koq.

  8. Suhelly Says:

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    Ayoo – jangan ragu2 lgsng order aja
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    thx all

  9. Sianny Farich Says:

    Wah sangat kebetulan saya menjual produk itu. Bahannya dari stainless steel 310. kami jual per 2 set dlm 1 box. harganya Rp. 145.000,- Kami siap delivery loh.

  10. SARANG KOPI Says:

    Byk juga yang jual alat ini..he he he

    Termasuk saya salah satunya πŸ™‚

    Pak Toni, ditunggu kunjungannya lagi ke Bandung ya.

  11. Tips menyeduh kopi di rumah | Cikopi Says:

    […] over French Press Espresso Drip Coffee Pot Vietnam Drip Siphon (sedang […]

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