My Daughter Has a Blog


I am happy to let you know that my daughter has just started blogging in blogspot. Actually I offer her to write her diary on-line and without no doubt she said “yes” and was very excited. So I signed her up to Google account to start her first virtual diary. As her father I found blog can be utilized to nurture her development, especially in expressing her thoughts. The funny thing, she doesn’t want me to see her when she’s blogging. Well, I guess, she needs a little privacy, so I let her to write whatever she wants.

You may link to her blog here : and please leave your comments to her postings. She will appreciate your encouragement and share her proud as young blogger. Yes, I mean it.


By the way, today, is exactly my first month blogging in WordPress, so allow me to congratulate myself (you may join too of course) for spending almost 25% of my 50MB free account. Yes, I know, I need to limit my posting … guess not. Blogging has taught me to discipline myself to update my blog everyday, regardless of how many clicks I had. Traffic, comments, they are all part of the blog and important too, but if I saw my blog stats, I would had stopped since the first week due to low views and clicks, let alone comments.

Blog is a blog, if not for everyone, let it be for myself. Again, I found blog is the most democratic media in the world or a true media of free speech regardless how weird people says. So, I’m happy still hangin’ here every night typing new post and my daughter is now on line with her new blog too. Life is a beautiful in this virtual world, at least for us.



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