A Month With My I Mac


Been more than a month with my I Mac and still going strong, the best buck I spent for my toy after Play Station in 1995. I use my Mac almost 6 hours everyday and more than 18 hours during weekend. Somehow I think, Mac has become my second wife as I spend most of my time with it than my wife, bad huh.

The manual said I can put Mac into sleep mode if I’ll be away for “few days”. Not quite understand what is a few days meant, 2, 3,4?. There are many recommendation among Mac users in the internet whether to shut down or sleep, both have the points and their own reasons.

Well, I live here in Jakarta where electricity is not always reliable. At least three times during a month power company shutting down their supply without any notice when I still working on my Mac. To be safe, I just shut down my Mac after use every night to avoid this kind of accident in the future and it’s rainy season after all.

Still, I’m new to Mac and not kind of Mac fanatics (I still use PC in my office) who really know inside and out of this computer. Luckily, Mac Club Indonesia always providing the right answers for any questions I might have. Just click “search” and type your key word and they will show you chain of threads about the subject.

When my Mac showing slower booting time and took more than a minute (usually less than 30 seconds and ready to go), I found the answer in this site and follow their recommendations. Sometimes I admire people there who really “smart” in solving various problems encountered by many Mac users including me.

I can’t say Mac is a perfect system, but Apple always keep update Mac users with the latest news and free download of pre installed softwares and operating system. All I have to do is just click the browser and the message will pop-up automatically notifying me if there is new update. Did I say it’s free?

So here I’m spending this Hajj holiday browsing the internet and reading Andreas Harsono’s blog and updating mine. Is quite here, my wife and daughter are not with me as they spend time with my mother in law since yesterday.

Maybe is true, Mac is my wife, at least for today.


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  1. aNdRa Says:

    Did I say it’s free?
    It’s totally free when you got a free internet connection bundled with your new I Mac. 😀 just kidding….

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