Our Humble Airport is CGK

It’s a big airport for sure, built during our former President Soeharto, but now is more like a bus station. People are freely come inside and out as long you know the “people” and of course some under table money.

My colleagues coming virtually from all over Asian countries. My first advise to them, “walk straight” and approach the hotel person who standing with your name on it. If people approach and offering transportation mode, just keep walk. I also give them my contact number just in case they’re lost, which never happened so far.

Well, can’t complaint about the condition in our airport. Dirty, crowded, unorganized, insecure, and of course some bad people are trying to scam you with their fake merchandises.

Car park is another issue as we have to pay double. First the entry with the ticket, and you will have to pay to people who “voluntarily” giving you guide when you exiting the location.

Ojek is a term for motorcycle driver who offer you service for short trips. They ussualy in outside area and will offer their service to transport you to surrounding locations. The fare is various and depend on how far you will go, maybe is about 20-50K local currency.

Another big issue, TAXI. Be careful with this as you might trapped in the middle of the trip when they extort you to increase the fare. You can say “no” of course, with the price that they will kick you off the car in the middle of the highway. Your choice. Still consider lucky, sometimes they robbed the first time traveller to Jakarta.

Here the advice, order Silver Bird, a black color taxi line-up outside. They can easily spot with their black color. They are reliable and will not cheat passenger. Or just ask yourhotel to send a pick-up service, easier than try to locate the SIlver Bird. Jakarta is not that bad as long you use your common sense.

Things happened, just be safe and enjoy your stay here.


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