Happy Birthday Ira !


I sat in front of my new Mac (show off dear…) typing this birthday message from all the gang.

Yes, it come from Mei (who love anything with a lot of hair, don’t know why..), Shelvy (who also love her legs, but only admired by bald guys in my Flickr), Ria (well, who might regreted having us everyday), Wie (hhmmm, got to be careful … never mind … ), Vina (not much to say, except her appetite), Olive (the backgenic as you said) and Me (the “lucky” guy who spend more time with you than your husband and my wife, ha ha ha).

I took a liberty to put Shelvy’s message in this blog as ours:

“When you opened your eyes this morning, you realized that God loves you. He takes care of you and bless you for 40 years. Your old friends are wishing you Happy Birthday my Dear… It’s a blessing to have u in our life, as a sister, a friend and as d’aurat police (note: this is only applicable for Shelvy).”

Have a great day and let’s celebrate !

Our very best : Mei, Ria, Shelvy, Toni, Ria, Olive, Wie.

Update from Mei : be happy … be always wo te hau pheng you. Happy b’day dear.  




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5 Responses to “Happy Birthday Ira !”

  1. Ira Says:


    I have been trying hard not to be too generous with compliments to the guy who owns this blog. This time, I could not help but to express my zillions thanks for creating such a witty section in your blog. Salute to you for bearing with me for—gosh so many years by now…

    They say that there are three things that we tend to take for granted, namely health, family friends. I am definetely very grateful that I have all these beatiful frends around me (noted that some are admirers to their own legs, eye brow, hairy stuffs). Love you all!

  2. Djohar Ekananda Says:

    Mbak Ira,

    Met Ulang Tahun ya, moga panjang umur, sehat selalu,nambah rizki-nya than tambah centil aza…..

  3. Ronnie Lo Says:

    Happy Birthday, Ira!

    You are extraordinary woman….how can you let Toni to reveal your age! Don’t try to ask me, it is TOP secret.

    Stay happy and forever young!

  4. Raja Hanim Says:

    Same birthday as my Chinese Mum, but she’s 29 years older than you today. Ha..ha… until Toni disclosed this, I never knew your age. As Ronnie said TOP secret. But itz a pretty good ripe age and having achive so much for humanity, you must feel very loved and blessed by God. Mbak di sini banyak position utk jadi d’aurat polis LOL

    Love, Hanim & cats (O’Malley and Simone)

  5. rosanadao Says:


    With yr special warmth and understanding,
    yr ability to listen and give good advice,
    and yr sensitivity to others.

    And I just wanted you to know
    how much I appreciate the difference
    yr friendship had made in my life.

    With sincere wishes that the coming year be full of health,
    happiness and everything good for you.

    Happy Birthday my lovely ex-boss :-))

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